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Effectiveness of Airborne Fungi Removal by using a HEPA Air Purifier Fan in Houses
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2018 Volume 23 Issue 4 Pages 215-221


Few studies have evaluated the performance of air purifiers in removing airborne fungi in houses. Here, we evaluated the ability of a HEPA air purifier fan to remove airborne fungi in six houses in Japan. In each house, the number of airborne fungi decreased more rapidly when the air purifier fan was on (test measurement) than when it was off (control) , demonstrating its ability to decrease the fungal concentration. The number of airborne fungi decreased between 1.5 and 6 times faster when the air purifier fan was on than when it was off (spontaneous decrease) . Clean air change rates, calculated from measurements taken 15 min after the test equipment operation began, ranged from 2.9 to 5.4 (h-1) , indicating adequate air cleaning. One of the six test houses contained a much greater concentration of airborne fungi than the standard set by the Architectural Institute of Japan. When the air purifier fan was operated in the house, the indoor/outdoor (I/O) ratio decreased from 77.5, equating to a fungal concentration of 53,000 cfu/m3 at 0 min to 0.72 or 620 cfu/m3 after 45 min, which is below the standard. This reduction clearly demonstrated the antifungal effect of the air purifier fan.

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