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Vol. 25 (2017) p. 1-6



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We herein report the subcellular distribution of methionine transfer RNA (tRNAMet), which has two forms of initiator tRNAMet (Meti) and elongator tRNAMet (Mete). Meti induces translation initiation, and Mete is responsible for the elongation of the peptide chain. A recent report showed that the formation of tRNAMet granules occurs following heat shock stress. We analyzed the subcellular distribution change in tRNAMet using ionizing irradiation. The images acquired using confocal microscopy showed the presence of Mete granules—but not Meti granules—in the cytoplasm. Furthermore, while the Mete granules co-localized with T-cell intracellular antigen-1, they did not co-localize to typical stress granules nor processing body specific markers.

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