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Development of an Assay for Diluted Plasma of Fingertip Blood Samples and Its Contribution to Health Care
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Volume 67 (2018) Issue 1 Pages 37-50

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The prevention of lifestyle-related diseases is important for improving health and reducing medical costs in aged societies, like Japan. Our country is the most aged society in the world, with medical costs reaching 38 % of the national budget. Thus, the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases is critical for reducing medical costs and improving public health. We improved a fingertip blood sampling kit, to facilitate medical examinations at home. We have collaborated with Fujifilm, the manufacturer of the kit, and KDDI, a leading mobile communications company, that reports test results. Using this system, examinations of 60000 subjects who do not regularly have medical checkups (self-test group) have started throughout Japan. We developed the test kit for performing health checkups based on 65 μL fingertip blood samples. The examinees collect blood samples according to instructions and isolate diluted plasma by themselves. The samples are then mailed to a laboratory. We recently produced a test kit for performing health checkups based on 65 μL fingertip blood samples to measure biochemical parameters. The plasma sample dilution ratio was measured by assessing the sodium level of each diluted sample. The development of a way to measure the dilution of plasma sodium was achieved by using an enzymatic rate assay. Reliable examination data are provided, and thus facilitating exact diagnoses, early detection, and treatment. In the present study, tests were conducted on subjects, including self-employed individuals and housewives, using DEMECAL kits. As a result, the number of subjects who need further examinations was twice as large as those who had already undergone regular medical examinations. This examination system facilitates the early detection and treatment of diseases, while reducing national medical costs and improving public health.

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