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Development of an automated fragment molecular orbital (FMO) calculation protocol toward construction of quantum mechanical calculation database for large biomolecules
Chiduru WatanabeHirofumi WatanabeYoshio OkiyamaDaisuke TakayaKaori FukuzawaShigenori TanakaTeruki Honma
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2019 Volume 19 Pages 5-18


We developed an automated FMO calculation protocol (Auto-FMO protocol) to calculate huge numbers of protein and ligand complexes, such as drug discovery targets, by an ab initio FMO method. The protocol performs not only FMO calculations but also pre-processing of input structures by homology modeling of missing atoms and subsequent MM-based optimization, as well as post-processing of calculation results. In addition, QM/MM optimization of complex structures, conformational searches of ligand structures in solvent, and MM-PBSA/GBSA calculations can be optionally carried out. In this paper, FMO calculations for 149 X-ray complex structures of estrogen receptor α and p38 MAP kinase were performed at the K computer and in-house PC cluster server by using the Auto-FMO protocol. To demonstrate the usefulness of the Auto-FMO protocol, we compared the ligand binding interaction energies by the Auto-FMO protocol with those of manually prepared data. In most cases, the data calculated by the Auto-FMO protocol showed reasonable agreement with the manually prepared data. Further improvement of the protocol is necessary for the treatment of ionization and tautomerization at the structure preparation stage, because some outlier data were observed due to these issues. The Auto-FMO protocol provides a powerful tool to deal with huge numbers of complexes for drug design, as well as for the construction of the FMO database ( released in 2019.

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