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Fusion of Art and Technology
The First Color Digital Art × Lighting Symposium and Workshop
*Kyoko Hidaka
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This paper is an empirical case study on how to organize a digital art symposium and student workshop. In March 2019, the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Color and Communication Design Laboratory held its Color Digital Art × Lighting symposium and workshop. The focus of the present analysis is on how art and technology can be fused in such a way that it can reach students in the workshop. The symposium and workshop aimed to be an incubator for future designers and engineers with some round table discussions on the direction and flow of technology for interactive space design and digital art in the next decade. Is it possible for people from different parts of the world to gather together and create interactive digital art? Can such art become a universal tool for communication? These are the key questions guiding the organization of this event. The central aim of this article is to describe a case study for creating digital art in a workshop setting with students and faculty members from diverse cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds. The positive and negative aspects of creating digital art in these circumstances are discussed.

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