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Clarification of Accommodatable Number of Functional Split Base Stations in TDM-PON Fronthaul
Daisuke HisanoHiroyuki UzawaYu NakayamaKenji MiyamotoHirotaka NakamuraJun TeradaAkihiro Otaka
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Article ID: 2018XBL0008


Mobile fronthaul (MFH) is the optical link between a central unit (CU) and a distributed unit (DU) in centralized radio access network (C-RAN) architecture. To suppress the cost of MFH, we have studied MFH networking based on a time division multiplexed passive optical network (TDM-PON). We have proposed low-latency uplink forwarding with a mobile dynamic bandwidth allocation (M-DBA) scheme. When the M-DBA scheme is employed, the uplink latency can be suppressed compared with fixed bandwidth allocation (FBA). In this paper, we clarify the number of ONUs that can be accommodated by the M-DBA scheme when also accommodating a novel functional split based C-RAN.

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