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A new multiuser MIMO system with sum-rate maximization
Shigenori KinjoShuichi Ohno
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Article ID: 2018XBL0070


In this study, a simple and high performance precoding scheme for downlink multi-user MIMO (DL MU-MIMO) systems is investigated. Sorted QR decomposition algorithm is adapted for zero-forcing (ZF) Tomlinson-Harashima precoding (THP) with user-stream permutation in order to select a permutation pattern which maximizes a sum-rate of the DL MU-MIMO system. In addition, allocating unequal number of bits to each user-stream improves the DL performance of the ZF-THP in the MU-MIMO scenario. Numerical results show that the proposed ZF-THP scheme outperforms a conventional MMSE-THP scheme.

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