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A Study on the Realization Process of Community Based Green Tourism in Candirejo Village, Borobudur, Indonesia
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The purpose of this study is to clarify the realization process of 'Community Based Ecotourism' in Candirejo Village which is located near the Borobudur Temple World Heritage. In this study we utilized interview and supporting documents to carry out the analysis of the process. Questionnaire was also taken place in order to make a comparative analysis with two other villages. The conclusion could be summarized as follows: 1) Realization process of Community Based Ecotourism in Candirejo Village can be divided into four phases; 2) Local community played a central role during the process and local initiatives have been the main factor of Candirejo Village development; 3) Even tough 'Community Based Ecotourism' was established in 2003, the realization process itself had been started since 1980; 4) Compared with other villages, Candirejo Village community has significant awareness to keep and conserve their village environment.

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