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Cytologia Focus
Planimal Cells: Artificial Photosynthetic Animal Cells Inspired by Endosymbiosis and Photosynthetic Animals
Sachihiro Matsunaga
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2018 Volume 83 Issue 1 Pages 3-6


I propose a new concept of artificial photosynthetic animal cells as planimal cells. Secondary endosymbiosis, symbiotic algae in animal cells and kleptoplasty evoke algae as the most fascinating autotrophic organisms for the creation of planimal cells. Strategies for the generation of planimal cells include three approaches, cell fusion between algae and animal cells, microinjection of algae into the cytoplasm of a host animal cell and creation of synthetic chimeric chromosomes with both algae and animal genomes. Planimal cells will contribute to overcoming global food problems by reducing energy consumption. Combining planimal cells with medical regeneration techniques will enable photosynthetic therapies. In the future, heterotrophs with planimal cells will support migration to other planets under the harsh conditions through long-distance space travel.

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