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Highlights of the 2013 International Forum on 'Polar Data Activities in Global Data Systems'.
Interuniversity Upper Atmosphere Global Observation Network (IUGONET) Meta-Database and Analysis Software
A YatagaiY TanakaS AbeA ShinboriM YagiS UeNoY KoyamaN UmemuraM NoséT HoriY SatoN O HashiguchiN KanedaIUGONET Project Team
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2014 Volume 13 Pages PDA37-PDA43


An overview of the Interuniversity Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork (IUGONET) project is presented. This Japanese program is building a meta-database for ground-based observations of the Earth’s upper atmosphere, in which metadata connected with various atmospheric radars and photometers, including those located in both polar regions, are archived. By querying the metadata database, researchers are able to access data file/information held by data facilities. Moreover, by utilizing our analysis software, users can download, visualize, and analyze upper-atmospheric data archived in or linked with the system. As a future development, we are looking to make our database interoperable with others.

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