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Comments from a psychologist: Psychology of liking
Nobuyuki Sakai
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2021 Volume 6 Issue Si Pages 48-51


This article introduces comments on some articles in this issue. First, for discussion about dichotomy in Western philosophy, it is discussed by contrast with the Japanese idea by which an object cannot be classified as good or bad, but we can find a good side and a bad side in the object. The idea is discussed with the opponent process theory. Then, for commenting on “common sense”, it is discussed with olfaction, which shares names with gustation and tactile sensation. In this discussion, the similarity of the liking of foods with aesthetic evaluation is introduced. At last, for commenting on the similarity of loving and eating, it is discussed with the sharing of common brain areas and cognitive functions in these behaviors. After all, it is reconfirmed that psychology has topics in common with philosophy, and that one can find ideas among the topics of philosophy.

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