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Study on the Mutual Transit of Sexual Hormones in Parabiotic Rats
Influence of Hormones in the Pregnancy to Mammary Gland of Non-Pregnant Rats
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1958 Volume 34 Issue 1 Pages 62-81,11


(1) The following results were obtained by making a parabiotic experiment on pregnant rats and searching changes appeared in mammary gland of partner sides (non-pregnant rats) day by day histologically.
(a) It is recognized the hormone of pregnant rats is transited to the partner sides and give changes to mammary gland of same.
(b) It is conceivable that excessive hormone is secreted in the body of pregnant rats at the parabiotic experiment.
(c) The changes appeared in mammary gland of the partner sides showed multiplication and status of secretion different from usual pregnant changes.
(d) No difference is recognized in the growth develompent of mammary gland of the partner sides between mature female and castrated female.
(2) In prior to the experiment, as the basic study of mammary gland of the rats searches were made day by day and histologically as to mammary gland of each physiological period (pregnancy, delivery, lactation, ablactation), and made endocrinological consideration as to its observation.

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