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Development of an occupational health nurse’s guidebook to promote the balance between cancer treatment and work
Etsuko YoshikawaNoriko NishikidoMinako SasakiMichiyo ItoIzumi WataiJun SudoMai Mochizuki
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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to develop a guidebook to be used in "promoting the balance between cancer treatment of workers and continuation of their work". The guidebook was developed to promote collaboration among cancer survivors and employers, human resource personnel, supervisors, colleagues, and health providers, with the aid of occupational health nurses (OHNs). Methods: The guidebook is based on our previous survey and discussions with seven researchers who had experiences in occupational health nursing practices. The guidebook focuses on secondary and tertiary preventions aiming at promoting the smooth return to the workplace and continuing sound working lives of cancer survivors. Also, the guidebook includes primary prevention, such as promoting a good working culture. The tentative guidebook was evaluated for its usability and then further developed into a final version. Results: The guidebook we developed consists of four sections: 1. Introduction; 2. Twelve practical checkpoints for improved support in balancing cancer treatment and work; 3. Preparedness for cancer survivorship; and 4. Appendix, which include hypothetical support cases and practical information. Practical checkpoints are described with action phrases, which included four aspect: support for individual workers with cancer; support for supervisors and colleagues; collaborations with human resources staff; and collaborations with stakeholders inside and outside of the company. Conclusions: The authors believe that the use of this guidebook will contribute to improving the quality of occupational health services and promote balance between cancer treatment and continuation of sound working lives.

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