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Effectiveness of a radiation management safety checklist for non-vascular imaging and interventional radiology at a medical facility
Keisuke NagamotoNaoki Kunugita
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Article ID: 2022-0016-OA


Objective: To investigate whether implementing a radiation management safety checklist (RMSC) can improve personnel dosimetry among physicians' dosimeter wearing rate for those performing fluoroscopy. Methods: Initially, we visually inspected whether the physicians were wearing personal dosimeters. Subsequently, during a "time-out" period recommended by the RMSC, the medical worker mutually confirmed whether the personal dosimeters were worn correctly. If errors in personnel dosimetry were noted, verbal recommendations to correct the error and follow double dosimetry were made. Lastly, the physicians' dosimeter wearing rates before and during RMSC implementation were compared and analyzed. Results: Before the measurement period, the personal dosimeter wearing rate among all physicians who perform fluoroscopy at the study center (n=72) was 58.2%; during the measurement period, it reached 80.1% (χ2[2]=21.254, p<0.01, φ=-0.227), indicating that RMSC implementation improved the physician's dosimeter wearing rate. However, 40.1% and 37.9% of the physicians were not registered radiation workers before and during the measurement period, respectively, and RMSC implementation did not significantly improve the registration rate during the study period (χ2[2]=0.349, p=0.554, φ=-0.023). Conclusions: The risk of radiation injury may have been overlooked among physicians involved in fluoroscopy and other routine clinical practices that cause radiation exposure. The investigated medical facilities registered physicians as radiation workers at the individual's discretion. There is an urgent need to develop a radiation management system that mandates the use of personal dosimeters among all physicians at risk of radiation exposure.

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