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Mini-symposium: Biodiversity of Reef Organism
Distribution and diversity of the soft coral family Xeniidae (Coelenterata: Octocorallia) in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
Michael P. JANES
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2013 Volume 15 Issue Supplement Pages 195-200


The Xeniidae are a major component of benthic coral reef communities in Lembeh, Indonesia. A two-week survey of the xeniids from this region was conducted. Scuba collections were carried out to a depth of 25 meters. A total of 48 samples were examined, encompassing a variety of species found in Lembeh Strait. Representatives of the genera Anthelia, Cespitularia, Heteroxenia, Sansibia, Sympodium, and Xenia were recorded using microscopic analysis. Visual estimates were made of the underwater abundance and distribution of these genera. Three habitats containing xeniids were identified. Sand slopes, which were limited to the genera Anthelia, and Xenia. Hard substratum patch reefs supported the greatest diversity, which included communities of Anthelia, Cespitularia, Heteroxenia, Sansibia, Sympodium, and Xenia. The genera Cespitularia, Heteroxenia and Xenia were found to colonize reef walls. Only one colony of Sansibia and one colony of Sympodium were recorded in this survey. Abundant assemblages of Xenia were found to occur at depths of 3-25 meters, primarily on sand slopes. Interestingly, most colonies of Cespitularia and Heteroxenia were observed below 10 meters on both patch reefs and reef walls.

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