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Vol. 82 (2009) No. 11 P 472-477



General Reviews

Recently the physical properties of the surface and the interface of polymeric materials are analyzed by several experimental methods in a few nanometer scales. On the other hand, the analysis is also needed from the point of view of polymer chain. Our group studied the phenomena of polymer materials in the point of view of polymer chain dynamics using the coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation. In this review, we show two topics listed below; the local glass transition temperature at the surface and interface, and the polymer chain dynamics at the friction force microscopy using atomic force microscopy. In the first topics, we studied the local dynamics of polymer chains. The surface and interfacial glass transition temperatures which are also estimated by the experiments are measured by the mean square displacement analysis. In the second topics, we study the model simulation of the friction force to the polymer surface by probe tip in atomic force microscopy. In the series of simulation, we can observe the chain withdrawing and it is one of the important origin of the friction.

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