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Relationship between Reliability, Validity, and Measurement of Ground-reaction Force of Reaction Time by Employing Sit-to-stand Movement in Healthy Young Women
Yusuke OyamaUrara HirumaKotaro Komatsu
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2021 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 101-106


This study investigated the reliability and validity of measuring reaction time by employing the sit-to-stand (STS) movement and examined its relationship with groundreaction force. The participants included 42 healthy young women (mean age 20.6±0.8 years). Whole body reaction time and STS reaction time as a measure of agility were evaluated. The peak reaction force per body weight, rate of force development and center of pressure moving distance were evaluated to measure ground-reaction force during STS movement. The Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for measuring the STS reaction time was high (ICC (1, 1)=0.735), thus confirming the reliability of the measurement. However, a significant relationship was shown between the STS reaction time and whole body reaction time (r=0.375, P=0.014). However, when the relationship with the ground-reaction force was examined, no relationship was found with all the ground reaction force variables. These results indicate that the STS reaction time is reliability and validity, it was suggested that there may be no association with the ground reaction force.

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