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Comparative study of personality of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by GOLD stage
Akinori NakagawaJun HorieShojiro EgoshiYuriko MatsunagaHideo KanekoKoichiro TakahashiShinichiro Hayashi
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2019 Volume 9 Issue 1 Pages 1-5


We examined the psychological characteristics of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from the viewpoint of difference in GOLD stages. The subjects were 38 patients with COPD. Egogram was used to evaluate their personality, and the differences between Phase I group and Phase II group were compared. As a result, it was suggested that FC (Free Child) was significantly lower in stage II group than I group, and emotional expression was poor when disease stage progressed. In addition,we examined the patientʼs overall personality by integrating the stages. As a result, CP (Critical Parent) and NP (Nurturing Parent) showed the highest scores, then the scores of A (Adult) and FC showed the same degree, and AC (Adapted Child) showed the lowest score. We suggested the characteristics of personality of COPD patients asfollows.In other words, they were stubborn, also easy on themselves, and considered difficult to listen to advice of others.

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