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CO2 and H2O Fluxes Ratio in Paddy Fields of Thailand and Japan
Tiwa PakoktomMasatoshi AokiPoonpipope KasemsapSamakkee BoonyawatPedram Attarod
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2009 Volume 3 Pages 10-13


Measurements of CO2 flux (FCO2) and H2O flux (FH2O) were carried out on paddy fields of Thailand and Japan during the 2004, 2005 and 2006 growing seasons using the Bowen ratio technique. The objective was to determine the water resource requirement to achieve a certain amount of CO2 assimilation per land area and analyze the ratio between FCO2 and FH2O (CWFR = FCO2/FH2O). The relationship between FCO2 and FH2O was investigated using regression analysis in 4 growing stages. Relatively high correlations (r2 = 0.56-0.96, p < 0.01) between FCO2 and FH2O were found when data were grouped by growing stage. Using daytime average data, there was high correlation (r2 = 0.61-0.94, p < 0.01) between daytime average CWFR (CWFRd) and daytime average vapor pressure deficit (VPDd) in paddy fields of Japan and Thailand for each growing stage. Pooled data from Thailand and Japan showed high correlations (r2 = 0.61-0.94, p < 0.01) between CWFRd and VPDd for each growing stage. The developed regression equation was tested using an independent published dataset, and it was found that the estimation error was only 2.7%. The regression equations will be useful for estimating CWFRd by only VPDd and accordingly for assessing the water resource requirement.

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