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Hypertension Research
Vol. 24 (2001) No. 4 July P 331-336



Clinical studies

We compared dynamic computer tomographic CT images of 3 cases of juxtaglomerular (JG) cell tumor with those of 8 cases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The JG cell tumor was visualized as a low- to high-density area in case 1, a low-density area in case 2, and a low- to iso-density area in case 3 before contrast enhancement. None of the JG cell tumors were stained during the early phase (1 min), but all were stained moderately during the late phase (5 min) after contrast enhancement. Although all cases of RCC were visualized as a low- to iso-density area before contrast enhancement, they were intensely stained during the early phase with significant washout during the late phase. The present results suggest that the dynamic CT scan is useful in the differential diagnosis of the JG cell tumor and RCC. (Hypertene Res 2001; 24: 331-336)

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