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Numerical Investigations of Turbulent Flows around Hydrofoil by Using Implicit Large Eddy Simulation
Xuelin TangGao HuiWu ZhixingHao ManShi XiaoyanLi Xiaoqin
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2018 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 321-332


Based on Implicit Large Eddy Simulation (ILES), the Adaptive Local Deconvolution Method (ALDM) was proposed to develop an implicit Sub-Grid Scale (SGS) model for three-dimensional (3D) turbulent unsteady flow around the NACA0012 Hydrofoil at a high Reynolds number of 2400,000. With the help of User Define Function (UDF) of the Fluent CFD software, the 3D turbulent unsteady flows were carried out by using ILES and LES respectively. The lift coefficients predicted by both models were in good agreement with the experimental data and the relative error of lift coefficient predicted by both models decreases firstly and then increases with the increase of the incident angle, but the numerical results by ILES were more close to the experimental, which verified the feasibility and accuracy of the ILES model. In addition, the predicted pressure contour and streamline distributions by ILES and LES at different incident angles in a wide range were also investigated further. The larger of the incident angle, the production and shedding of the vortex are stronger. The predicted results by both the models have the similar tendency, and the ILES could more finely capture the flow patterns. For a large incident angle of 20°, the internal flow analyses by ILES could well reproduce the whole process of the vortex from generation to development and shedding around the hydrofoil.

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