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Optimization Design of an Ultra-Low Specific-Speed Centrifugal Pump Using Entropy Production Minimization and Taguchi Method
Cong WangYongxue ZhangHucan HouZhiyi YuanMing Liu
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2020 Volume 13 Issue 1 Pages 55-67


To improve the energy conversion efficiency and cavitation performance of the ultra-low specific-speed centrifugal pump (ULSSCP), the impeller-volute interaction has been studied. Blade outlet setting angle (β2), wrap angle (φ), volute inlet width (b3) and throat area (St) were addressed as the design parameters. The entropy production at 0.5 Q0 and NPSHc (critical net positive suction head) at 1.5 Q0 were selected as the target to characterize the energy loss and cavitation performance. The L9 (34) orthogonal matrix was established via Taguchi method. Results show that the contribution ratio of φ on S/NS is the most vital, followed by b3 and St, while the influence of β2 is relatively small, and the design parameter combination with β2=19°, φ=220°, b3=12mm and St=190mm2 is the best choice for the lowest entropy production at 0.5Q0 and NPSHc. At last, the optimization design reduces the loss greatly before and after cavitation by alleviation of vortex generation and backflow intensity.

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