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International Journal of the JCRM
Vol. 5 (2009) No. 2 p. 63-68



One of the stopes which is being mined by Pongkor Underground Gold Mine using cut-and-fill mining method is located in South Ciurug Mine. The rock mass in this location is weak due to the extensive joint occurrence. In order to understand the effect of rock joints to the stability of stope, an investigation was carried out by means of specific drilling from two crosscuts to acquire rock samples from this location, and observing the joints orientation in the drilled holes wall using a borehole camera.The stability of stope due to the extensive joints occurrence in this location was then analyzed by empirical and numerical methods.Rock mass classification in this location was evaluated by RMR and Q-System method. Numerical analysis was carried out by simulating models which represent the rock mass conditions, using 3DEC Program. The analysis was focused on the back of the stope, due to the effects of joints existence in this location.

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