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Semi-Order Preserving Encryption Technique for Numeric Database
Saleh AhmedAnnisaAsif ZamanZhan ZhangKazi Md. Rokibul AlamYasuhiko Morimoto
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2019 Volume 9 Issue 1 Pages 111-129


Order preserving encryption techniques are treated as some of the most efficient encryption schemes for securing numeric data in a database. Such schemes are popular because they resolve performance degradation issues, which are significant problems in database encryption. However, in some applications, the order itself is sensitive information, and should be hidden. Conventional order preserving encryption techniques published so far, did not consider this issue. Therefore, in this study, we consider three techniques that protect the order information and also show good performance. The three methods hide the data order such that comparison operators can be handled efficiently and performance degradation can be prevented. Our methods work on the top of an order preserving encryption scheme and enhance the security of data. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed three methods.

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