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Altered Responses of Plasma 18-Hydroxycorticosterone and Aldosterone to Angiotensin II and Adrenocorticotropin in Patients with a 18-Hydroxycorticosterone-Producing Tumor
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1989 Volume 28 Issue 4 Pages 446-451


Plasma 18-hydroxycorticosterone (18-OHB) and aldosterone responses to angiotensin II (AH) and ACTH were examined in 2 patients with a 18-OHB-producing tumor (18-OHBPT) versus those in 8 patients with a aldosterone-producing adenoma (APA), 7 patients with low renin essential hypertension (LREH) and 10 normal subjects. Plasma 18-OHB and aldosterone levels and the 18-OHB: aldosterone ratio were high in patients with an APA and normal in patients with LREH. In patients with a 18-OHBPT, plasma 18-OHB and aldosterone levels were high and normal, respectively, resulting in a 2-fold greater 18-OHB: aldosterone ratio than that in patients with an APA. Patients with an APA had a blunted response of plasma 18-OHB and aldosterone to All and a supranormal response of these corticoids to ACTH. Patients with LREH had a supranormal response of plasma 18-OHB and aldosterone to AH and a normal response of these corticoids to ACTH. In patients with a 18-OHBPT the responses of both plasma 18-OHB and aldosterone to AH and ACTH closely resembled those in patients with an APA but not in patients with LREH.
These data suggest that 18-OHBPT may be a variant of aldosteronomas, producing a large amount of 18-OHB and a small amount of aldosterone.

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