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Journal of Information Processing
Vol. 20 (2012) No. 3 pp. 774-784



To enhance user privacy, anonymous credential systems allow the user to convince a verifier of the possession of a certificate issued by the issuing authority anonymously. The typical application is the privacy-enhancing electronic ID (eID). Although a previously proposed system achieves the constant complexity in the number of finite-set attributes of the user, it requires the use of RSA. In this paper, we propose a pairing-based anonymous credential system excluding RSA that achieves the constant complexity. The key idea of our proposal is the adoption of a pairing-based accumulator that outputs a constant-size value from a large set of input values. Using zero-knowledge proofs of pairing-based certificates and accumulators, any AND and OR relation can be proved with the constant complexity in the number of finite-set attributes. We implement the proposed system using the fast pairing library, compare the efficiency with the conventional systems, and show the practicality in a mobile eID application.

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