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Fluid Flow in A Four-strand Bloom Continuous Casting Tundish with Different Flow Modifiers
Liangcai ZhongBaokuang LiYingxiong ZhuRengui WangWenzhong WangXiaojun Zhang
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2007 Volume 47 Issue 1 Pages 88-94


Fluid flows in a four-strand tundish for bloom continuous casting have been investigated with physical modeling and mathematical simulation methods. The liquid steel flow velocity fields in the former tundish and the optimal one with a turbulence inhibitor and newly-designed baffles were numerically calculated and the flow characteristics in the two cases and other tundish configurations were measured in the physical modeling. The results in the physical modeling experiments showed that large difference in the Residence Time Distribution (RTD) curves of two outlets in one side of the former configuration tundish existed. It was found from the numerical calculation of the velocity fields in the tundishes that with the former tundish configuration velocities and turbulent degree of the liquid steel flow in the impact zone of the tundish were large due to the high velocities of liquid steel from the long shroud of the ladle, which caused in lining corrosion and slag entrapment due to the surface eddies. Asymmetric velocity field in the tundish with the former baffles formed and short circuit flow existed in one side of the four-strand tundish. For the optimal configuration of the tundish with a turbulence inhibitor and newly-designed baffles, very similar RTD curves of the two outlets in the same side of the tundish were achieved. The velocities and turbulent degree in the impacting zone of the tundish were depressed and quiet and symmetric molten steel flow was obtained. Eddies on surface and short circuit flow in the optimal tundish disappeared. Such improvement of liquid steel flow in the tundish would increase the ability of inclusion removal. Turbulence inhibitors should be used with other well-designed flow control devices for effective improvement to fluid flow characteristics in tundishes.

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