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ISIJ International
Vol. 47 (2007) No. 6 P 898-906



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High aluminium low manganese steels were elaborated in order to study the phase equilibrium in the range of 900–1100°C. Two different quaternary alloys have been studied (Fe–9 to 10wt%Al–1.7wt%Mn–0.2wt%C and Fe–9 to 10wt%Al–8wt%Mn–0.2wt%C). Equilibrium phase's nature was identified at four temperatures for two alloys. Equilibrium phase fraction and chemical compositions were determined at 900°C. Thanks to these equilibrium results, we tried to understand the non-equilibrium microstructure observed after different thermal histories (DTA cycles, isothermal treatment followed by quench, reception state) and identify DTA events in a coherent way.

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