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ISIJ International
Vol. 53 (2013) No. 2 p. 265-273



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In this paper, asymmetrical rolling of bonded two-layer clad sheets is studied using the slab method of analysis. It is assumed that the ingoing sheet is guided to horizontally enter the roll gap and that the work rolls may have different pressure distributions. Unlike the existing slab models, the slabs are not divided into two parts with different materials, and the whole slab is subjected to one stress field containing nonuniform normal and shear stresses acting on the vertical sides. By combining the sticking and coulomb friction models, a mixed friction model is proposed, and the work roll pressure distributions as well as the rolling force and torque are studied at different conditions. The predicted rolling force and torque of the proposed model are shown to be in a very good agreement with the analytical and experimental results of previous investigators.

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