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Density of the Blast Furnace Slag Bearing TiO2 at 1673 K
Yanhui LiuXuewei LvChenguang BaiXi Zhang
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2014 Volume 54 Issue 9 Pages 2017-2024


The density of blast furnace slag bearing TiO2 has been investigated using the dispensed drop method at 1673 K under the Argon atmosphere (Pressure ≈1.2 atm). The influence of slag basicity and the TiO2 content on the density was analyzed according to the measurements. It was found that the density of the slag increases with increasing the TiO2 content from 0% to 23%, once the TiO2 content exceed of 23%, the density decreases. The reason of this transition can be attributed to the reduce of the coordination numbers of Ti–O, Ca–O and Mg–O by means of the molecular dynamics simulation. For the influence of the increase of basicity from 0.9 to 1.2, the density slightly rises from 2.83 g/cm3 to 2.92 g/cm3. The empirical formulas for the density which relates TiO2 content and basicity are developed. The prediction model for the density by the partial molar volume method was also discussed, indicating that the calculated values can reach a good quantitative agreement with the measured values without the apparent change of the coordination numbers of the cations with O.

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