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Improvement on Heat Release Performance of Direct-contact Heat Exchanger Using Phase Change Material for Recovery of Low Temperature Exhaust Heat
Takahiro NomuraMasakatsu TsubotaNoriyuki OkinakaTomohiro Akiyama
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2015 Volume 55 Issue 2 Pages 441-447


Latent heat storage using a phase change material (PCM) is a promising method for utilizing the exhaust heat from steelworks. The purpose of this study was to improve the heat release performance of a direct-contact heat exchanger using a PCM and heat transfer oil (HTO). Erythritol (with a melting point of 391 K), which is a kind of sugar alcohol, was selected as a PCM. A vertical stainless steel cylinder with an inner diameter of 200 mm and height of 1400 mm was used as the heat storage unit (HSU). A ring-shaped injector with 18 holes positioned vertically downward was placed at the bottom of the HSU. Each hole in this injector had a diameter of 2.5 mm. We investigated the effects of the height of the PCM in the HSU, the HTO flow rate, and an increase in the number of injection-nozzle holes on the temperature effectiveness and heat exchange rate as indices of the heat release performances. As results, we found that an increase in the number of nozzle holes accelerated the uniform distribution of the HTO in the liquid PCM, prevented the HTO drift flow and adverse solidification of the PCM, and improved the heat release performance under the condition of a high HTO flow rate.

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