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Reaction between CaO and Fe3O4 under CO–CO2 Atmosphere at 800°C–1100°C
Zijian SuYuanbo ZhangYingming ChenGuanghui LiTao Jiang
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2017 Volume 57 Issue 1 Pages 62-67


A considerable amount of works were focused on the formation mechanism of calcium ferrite phases during the iron ore sintering process, especially under various O2 content atmospheres at temperatures higher than 1100°C. But little attention has been paid on reactions between CaO and iron oxides in CO–CO2 atmospheres at lower temperatures. In this study, the solid state reaction mechanisms between CaO and Fe3O4 under CO–CO2 atmospheres at 800°C–1100°C were revealed by using XRD, VSM, etc. The results indicated that Ca2Fe2O5 was easily formed under 5–50 vol% CO/(CO+CO2) atmosphere above 850°C via the reaction of 6CaO + 2Fe3O4 +CO2 = 3Ca2Fe2O5 + CO and the reaction would be promoted with increasing the roasting temperature. In the CO–CO2 atmosphere, Fe3O4 is easily oxidized to Fe2O3 in the presence of CaO because CO2 components act as oxidative medium for the oxidation of Fe2+ to Fe3+.

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