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Special Issue on "Toward Suppression of Hydrogen Absorption and Hydrogen Embrittlement for Steels"
Effects of Ammonium Thiocyanate and pH of Aqueous Solutions on Hydrogen Absorption into Iron under Cathodic Polarization
Saya Ajito Tomohiko HojoMotomichi KoyamaEiji Akiyama
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2021 Volume 61 Issue 4 Pages 1209-1214


To evaluate the susceptibility of steels to hydrogen embrittlement, it must be hydrogen charged and have its hydrogen content controlled before any mechanical testing. In this study, hydrogen permeation tests of an iron sheet were performed during potentiostatic hydrogen charging in various solutions containing ammonium thiocyanate to obtain a guideline for efficient hydrogen charging for a wide range of hydrogen contents. As the polarization potential shifted in the negative direction, the hydrogen permeation current increased before becoming almost constant. In all cases, besides when an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution was employed, the hydrogen permeation current increased due to the addition of ammonium thiocyanate. The effect of adding ammonium thiocyanate was enhanced as the aqueous solution pH was decreased. The hydrogen permeation current under various hydrogen charging conditions obtained in this study can be used as a reference for hydrogen charging of steels.

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