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Effect of Wettability on Droplet Agglomeration in Two Immiscible Liquids
Sunglock Lim Ikuru HatakeyamaMasashi NakamotoTakeshi YoshikawaToshihiro Tanaka
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2024 Volume 64 Issue 8 Pages 1334-1337


The agglomeration of droplets dispersed in an immiscible liquid is often an issue in metallurgical processes. To determine the effect of wettability on droplet agglomeration, we conducted (1) wettability and (2) agglomeration experiments using immiscible liquid paraffin and glycerin aqueous solution. In the wettability experiment, a droplet of one liquid was settled on the other liquid and its shape was observed. The glycerin droplet was wrapped by liquid paraffin, while the paraffin droplet spread on the surface of the glycerin solution. Therefore, liquid paraffin wetted the glycerin droplet, while glycerin solution did not wet the paraffin droplet. In the agglomeration experiment, after the droplet settled or floated in the other liquid layer to arrive at the boundary between the two liquid layers, we measured the time required for droplet agglomeration in its liquid layer. The agglomeration of paraffin droplets from the glycerin solution was faster than that of glycerin droplets from liquid paraffin, indicating that non-wettability of droplets accelerated agglomeration.

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