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A Novel Single Power Two Circuits Electroslag Remelting with Current Carrying Mould
Yanwu DongZhouhua JiangHaibo CaoXiang WangYulong CaoDong Hou
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JOURNALS OPEN ACCESS Advance online publication

Article ID: ISIJINT-2016-066


A novel single power two circuits electroslag remelting (ESR) with current carrying mould is presented in this paper. There are two processes with up power and down power for this technology. Numerical simulation of single power two circuits electroslag remelting process with current carrying mould (ESR-STCCM) as well as conventional ESR process for comparison is carried out in this paper. Results indicate that ESR-STCCM process changes the current circuit. Special current circuit results in different electromagnetic field, fluids flow and thermal field. Molten steel pool is shallower and mushy zone is narrower for ESR-STCCM than conventional ESR process. In addition, the temperature of slag-metal interface for ESR-STCCM with up power is higher than others ESR process investigated in this article that contributes to obtain smooth ingot surface quality. All in all, ESR-STCCM with up power is a promising process for improving the quality of material prone to segregation in comparison with other ESR process, based o the results obtained in this article.

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