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Multiscale finite element analysis of yield-point phenomenon in the ferrite–pearlite duplex steels
Shinnosuke YanagawaIkumu Watanabe
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Article ID: ISIJINT-2023-470


The yield-point phenomena in ferrite–pearlite duplex steels were investigated using multiscale computational simulations. In these multiscale simulations, the stress–strain relationship of the ferrite phase was characterized by an elastoplastic constitutive model considering the stress-drop behavior, and its material constants were determined by minimizing the residual error between a computational simulation and a tensile test experiment, where the yield-point phenomenon in a tensile test of ferrite steel was reproduced. Using the determined material response of the ferrite phase, finite element analyses of the ferrite–pearlite duplex microstructure were executed to scrutinize both the macroscopic material response and microscopic deformation mechanisms. Subsequently, finite element analyses of tensile tests, based on numerical results from microstructural analyses, were carried out to replicate the yield-point phenomena in ferrite–pearlite duplex steels. Consequently, the study characterized the strengthening effect of the pearlite constituent while considering microscopic heterogeneity and yield-point phenomena in the ferrite phase. The findings from the multiscale simulations underscored the necessity for a more accurate estimation of local mechanical properties in both the ferrite phase and pearlite constituent for quantitative simulations.

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