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Influence of Inner Wall Profile on Descending and Melting Behavior of Burden in Blast Furnace
Morimasa IchidaKazuhiro NishiharaKenji TamuraMasayasu Sugata
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1991 Volume 31 Issue 5 Pages 515-523


The influences of the inner wall profile and ore/coke distribution on the descending and melting behaviors of burden were analyzed by using a three-dimensional semicircular warm model of the blast furnace under conditions set as similar as possible to the physical phenomena in the furnace. It is confirmed that in the case of a profile with blocks installed on the belly where the horizontal stress acting to wall is at its maximum, a sluggishly descending zone of a thickness 2-5 times of the projecting length of the blocks is formed near the wall just above the blocks. It is estimated that the thickness of sluggishly descending zone near the wall increases with increasing projecting length of the blocks on the wall and with decreasing installation interval of distance between the blocks and it decreases with increasing ore/coke near the wall. It is estimated that the height of the dead man decreases with the formation of the wall sluggishly descending zone due to the blocks on the wall. For decreasing the thickness of the sluggishly descending zone near the wall, the ore/coke near the wall should preferably be increased as far as the heat-flow ratio is permitted. Such a burden distribution is effective for pulverized coal injection operation in which the melting capacity near the wall is large.

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