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Feasibility of Sea and Coconut Shells as Substitute to Barium Carbonate (BaCo3) in Small Scale Foundry and Heat Treatment Shop in Nigeria
D. U. I. OgoA. O. EtteA. I. Iyorchir
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1995 Volume 35 Issue 2 Pages 203-209


Barium Carbonate (BaCo3) is commonly used as an energizer in pack-carburization. Investigation was therefore carried out to establish the suitability of sea shell and coconut shell as energizers in pack-carburization of mild steel. Samples were carburized at 950°C in carburization compounds containing charcoal and energizing aterials at predetermined proportions. The results obtained showed that sea shell was a more effective energizer than the coconut shell and compared favourably with barium carbonate. Sea shell showed 82.5% efficiency compared with BaCO3 and 134.7% with limestone (CaCO3) at 950° carburizing temperature. It was found that 30% sea shell addition to charcoal gave optimal carburization case depth which was 2.8 times the values obtained from 100% charcoal. However, there was no significant difference between 100% charcoal and compounds containing various proportions of coconut shell in the carburizing kinetics.

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