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Thermodynamics of Mn-O Interactions in Liquid Copper Alloys and Activities of MnO in MnO-SiO2 Slag
AHMAD SobandiHiroshi G. KatayamaTadashi Momono
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1997 Volume 37 Issue 6 Pages 552-556


As a provision for measuring the thermodynamic data of high MnO slag by equilibrating with liquid copper in the temperature range of hot metal pretreatment, thermodynamics of manganese-oxygen interactions in liquid Cu-Mn alloy were investigated. The liquid alloys containing 0.2-1.0 mass% Mn were equilibrated with solid MnO in a molybdenum crucible under an argon atmosphere. The following equations for the interaction coefficient (fOMn) were obtained for the range of 0.2-1.0 mass% Mn.

logfOMn=-0.8122-1.27[%Mn]+0.37[%Mn]2 at 1573 K
logfOMn=-0.7536-1.14[%Mn]+0.33[%Mn]2 at 1623 K
logfOMn=-0.6189-1.07[%Mn]+0.37[%Mn]2 at 1673 K

Using the above values of logfOMn, the activities and activity coefficients of MnO in MnO-SiO2 slag were determined at 1673 K and examined in comparison with the values reported by other investigators.

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