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Infrared Emission Spectra of CaF2–CaO–SiO2 Melt
Shigeru UedaHirotaka KoyoTakashi IkedaYoshiharu KariyaMasafumi Maeda
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2000 Volume 40 Issue 8 Pages 739-743


The infrared emission spectra of CaF2–CaO–SiO2 melt were investigated by a method combining infrared emission spectroscopy and the hot-filament technique. Emission for spectra related to Si–O bond can be observed by this in situ technique. The influence of SiO2 and fluoride content on the spectrum was investigated, and the emission attributable to bonds corresponding to siliconbridging oxygen and silicon-non bridg-ingoxygen was discussed. Results suggest that fluoride ion dominantly substitutes for a non-bridging bond in low SiO2 concentration region. The structure of silicate was compared with calculated infrared emission of Si–F–O.

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