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Effect of Microstructure on the Yield Ratio and Low Temperature Toughness of Linepipe Steels
Y. M. KimS. K. KimY. J. LimN. J. Kim
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2002 Volume 42 Issue 12 Pages 1571-1577


The present study aims at elucidating the effects of microstructural features on the yield ratio and toughness of high strength linepipe steels. The main emphasis has been placed on understanding the effects of constituents on the properties. Several alloy systems with different constituents, i.e. ferrite-pearlite steels, ferrite steels with acicular ferrite as second phase, acicular ferrite steels with ferrite as second phase, and bainite steels, have been investigated. Experimental results show that while the refinement of ferrite grain size improves both yield strength and low temperature toughness of ferrite-base steels, it increases the yield ratio. Modification of matrix from ferrite to acicular ferrite or bainite results in improvements in both yield strength and yield ratio. However, bainite steels have worse low temperature toughness (i.e., higher DBTT) than the other types of steels. It has been shown that the low temperature toughness of acicular ferrite steels can be improved by the introduction of polygonal ferrite as a second phase. This is mainly due to the refinement of effective grain size by the introduction of second phases. The relationship between the yield ratio and work hardening exponent has also been established using the Swift equation. Based on the results, the optimum microstructure for a better combination of strength, toughness and yield ratio is suggested to be the one having second phase of polygonal ferrite in an acicular ferrite or bainite matrix.

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