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Effect of the Hot Band Grain Size and Intermediate Annealing on the Deformation and Recrystallization Textures in Low Silicon Electrical Steels
Marcos F. de CamposFernando J. G. LandgrafRubens TakanohashiFabio C. ChagasIvan G. S. FalleirosGabriela C. FronzagliaHenrique Kahn
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2004 Volume 44 Issue 3 Pages 591-597


The effect of hot band grain size on the texture of low silicon steels was investigated. In spite of different hot band grain sizes (22, 125 and 500 μm), the deformation texture is formed by the fibers ‹111›//ND and ‹110›//RD. Nevertheless the recrystallization texture is strongly affected. Increasing the hot band grain size, from 22 to 125 μm, the intensity of the Goss component in the recrystallized material increases and {111} components decreases. The further increase to 500 μm does not increase Goss, but increases cube on face component. When the hot band grain size is sufficiently large (500 μm) the deformed grains tend to recrystallize independently, originating regions (clusters) of grains with same orientation. There is no apparent effect of an intermediate recovery (after deformation ε=0.7 annealing at 500°C during 1 h) on the deformation or recrystallization textures.

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