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ISIJ International
Vol. 44 (2004) No. 7 P 1224-1229



A rapid method has been developed to determine recrystallization kinetics of Nb microalloyed steels by interrupted hot torsion test. The softening behaviour was achieved as a function of different processing parameters. The method clearly identified three regions, where the strain dependency of the recrystallization rate varied. Firstly, at large strains the rate of recrystallization was not a function of strain; this is generally ascribed to metadynamic recrystallization. At lower strains the time to 50% recrystallization showed a power low relationship with strain, characteristic of static recrystallization. A further break point exists on the time for 50% softening curve when strain induced precipitation occurs in the material. The onset of strain induced precipitation was at strains below the strain to the peak stress at temperatures below 900°C. The experimental results were used to estimate the time for 50% softening and to anticipate the onset of the strain induced precipitation for the alloy of this study. Grain refinement of the recrystallized austenite continued to strains significantly beyond the peak stress and beyond the static to metadynamic recrystallization rate transition.

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