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The use of Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation (ILBI) at 630-640 nm to prevent vascular diseases and to increase life expectancy
VA Mikhaylov
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2015 Volume 24 Issue 1 Pages 15-26


Background and aims: The mortality rate from vascular diseases is one of the highest. The use of Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation (ILBI) within the last 30 years has demonstrated high efficacy in the treatment of vascular, cardiac and other systemic diseases.
Rationale: Laser energy at 630-640 nanometers is arguably the most effective for irradiation of blood and the vascular wall. Photons at this wavelength are absorbed by oxygen, improve microcirculation, can change the viscosity of the blood and affect vascular endothelium.
Conclusions: In summary, more than 25 years of experience of using laser energy at 630-640 nm has shown that this waveband directly influences the parameters of all cells in the blood, blood plasma, the coagulation process and all the structural components of the vascular wall. Additionally, ILBI directly or indirectly affects the cells of the immune system, hormones, and exchange processes in an organism, thereby not only improving the function of the vascular system, but also the other systems of an organism. It can finally lead to lower the incidence and number of vascular diseases, and indirectly to the reduction of the number of diseases in other organs and even systemically, thus helping to prolong the lifespan.

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