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The effct of CDDP on constructive properties of rabbit tracheal cartilage
Taku OkamotoMasazumi MaedaDage LiuEiichi HayashiKoutarou KameyamaAyanori SugitaTakashi NakajimaDaiki MasuyaKenbu NakamotoAkira Miyatake
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1999 Volume 13 Issue 4 Pages 510-518


In the present study, the effect of anticancerdrug, CDDP, on tracheal cartilage in rabbits was examined. We measured the stress (S) at the yieldpoint as a physical index in compressive fracture test and quantified the chemical composition, % H2O, calcium content (Ca), hydroxyproline (Hyp), glycosaminoglycan (GAG) as a mucopolysaccharide, glucosamine (Glc) as an oligosaccharide composed of GAG, valine (Val) as an aminoacid related to composition of tracheal cartilage.
We performed a preliminary experiment with 29 rabbits from 1 to 118 weeks in age and confirmed the stability phase as the 3rd phase which was over 27.5 weeks. Therefore, we used only 29 weeks rabbits in the actual experiment. S was significantly lower in experimental group 4 (1.6-2.2 mg/kg) that is effective dose in cancer therapy than control group (p < 0.05). S value showed the dose dependency and an indirect significant correlation was found between the CDDP dose (X) and stress (Y) (Y =-0.123X +1.96, p <0.03). A significant correlation was not found between % H2O, GAG, Hyp, Ca and the CDDP dose, but a direct significant correlation was found between Glc, Val (Y) and CDDP dose (X) (Y =0.037X +0.248, p<0.03, Y = 0.124X +1.29, p <0.01). An indirect significant correlation was found between S (Y) and Glc, Val (X) (Y = e-1.55x + 1.33, p<0.01, Y=-0.32X + 2.40, p<0.05).
We conclude that CDDP therapy may change the composition of the cartilage matrix and reduce the tension of the cartilage.

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