Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology
Online ISSN : 1347-3913
Special Issue
Advances in Self-healing Cementitious Materials

Volume 10 (2012) Issue Special_Issue Pages S1-S100

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This special issue is aiming at summarizing recent progress in self-healing cementitious materials and at motivating further development in the relevant research. It took a long time since the efforts to develop self-healing materials working as intelligent materials drew strong attention worldwide in the research communities. Research and development of self-healing performance have been progressing on varieties of materials including metals, non-metals, inorganic and organic materials, and composite materials. Particularly for cement-based materials, based on the background of epoch-making ideas and existing research results, it has become possible to introduce some self-healing functions and their combined mechanisms. These self-healing cementitious materials have potentials to renovate existing structural designs and maintaining schemes and contribute to service life extension and environmental impact reduction. We expect this special issue could support to realize the potential.

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