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2015 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences
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S2: Water Rock Interaction (Joint session with SRG)
Production of hydrogen and methane on hydrothermal fluid vent via reduction by hydrogen sulfide
*Michimasa MusyaNoriyoshi TsuchiyaAtsushi Okamoto
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Formation of hydrogen and abiotic methane results from serpentinization of ultramafic rocks, though the rate is extremely limited. On the other hand, higher rate of H2 production from oxidation of hydrogen sulfide is reported, so, we investigated the possibility of H2 and CH4 production from sulfur reduction in hydrothermal fluid vent system.We conducted hydrothermal batch-type experiments at the condition hydrothermal fluid vent. Fe3O4 was used for mineral catalyst. After 168 [h] experiment, abiotic CH4 generated  17~102 faster than serpentinization. In this production rate, the concentration of CH4 measured from hydrothermal fluid vent can be generated within fluid circulation period.

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