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2015 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences
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S2: Water Rock Interaction (Joint session with SRG)
Compositional characteristics of tourmaline formed by the syn-metamorphic fluid infiltration in the footwall of the MCT, Dhankuta area, Nepal Himalaya
*Tetsuo KawakamiHarutaka SakaiKatsushi Sato
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In the footwall of the MCT at Dhankuta, Nepal, rim composition of tourmaline in ‘normal’ metapelites becomes higher in XMg and Ca/(Ca+Na), and lower in X-site vacancy (X[ ]) as the metamorphic grade increases.
Tourmaline in the tourmaline veins shows high X[ ] and constant XMg, and that at several cm away from the vein shows low X[ ] and varied XMg. This probably reflects the difference in water/rock ratio, where tourmaline formed under high water/rock ratio shows high X[ ]. Some of the abnormally tourmaline-rich metapelite show similar tourmaline composition, suggesting its formation through the fluid infiltration.  

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