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2018 Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences
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S2: Water Rock Interaction
Verification of water detectability in minerals by ATR method of micro infrared spectroscopy
*Yui KouketsuYuki KakihataKenji ShimizuKatsuyoshi MichibayashiSimon Wallis
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Infrared spectroscopy is one of effective analytical methods for detecting water in minerals, but there was a disadvantage that it takes time to prepare samples. In this study, we used a ATR method that can analyze using ordinary rock polished thin sections. Water of several to several hundred ppm order in olivine and garnet grains was not detected, but the sharp peak at ~3700 cm-1 was detected within the olivine porphyroclast in the ultra-mylonite. Further improvement is necessary, but it is expected that the ATR method will develop as a useful analytical method in the future.

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