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Role of dental implant
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2019 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 49-53


  The contemporary dental implant treatment based on osseointegration has saved many edentulous patients who are suffered from the decline of quality of life, such as inefficient function, unsatisfied esthetics and psychological depression. However it has experienced mere a half century. There is a tendency that many dentists are interested in the short-term result nowadays, despite the original concept by Professor Brånemark had focused the long-term excellent outcome, that is well known among the experienced researchers and clinicians. Some manufacturers emphasize the easier and simple components and faster osseointegration. That is also implant but we clinicians should not forget the patient’s final objectives.

  The hardware regarding implant treatment supplied by manufacturer is a very important factor in order to get the osseointegration, however the software provided by the dentists and co-dental staff should also be focused on for the optimum longevity of implant. Most of the artificial construction has the problem caused by the unfavorable force and the implant component is no exception to this rule. The selection of system and treatment planning should be performed under the biomechanical consideration, for example the availability of ”the safety valve” in order to protect the most important product. The osseointegrated fixture is the most valuable element in implant treatment, but there are many systems that ignore this concept. And the impeccable fit between the superstructure and the abutment is one of the most influential factor for the stability of marginal bone. The surgical procedure should be done under the antiseptic circumstances and gentle surgical skill, because the implant component might be realized as an antibody by living tissue even if the components are produced under strict controlled condition.

  We dentist should always keep this proverb in our mind.

  “The vital tissue is smarter than human being.”

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